The objective of these competitions is to encourage engineering design skills that allow steel to be used to generate innovative solutions. The briefs are formulated to encourage the entrants to realise the full structural, economic and aesthetic advantages offered by the use of steel. These competitions are open to universities from the UK and Ireland only.

The design briefs for 2013/14 are listed below:

Steel Bridge design

The Student Awards Forum

The project Brief this year is to design a road bridge over an area of railway sidings and main railway lines. As the bridge is to be a symbol of the regeneration of the area, the project sponsors anticipate an elegant solution.

Structures design

The Student Awards Forum

The brief this year is to prepare an outline design for a structure to completely cover a historic ship, located in a dockyard as one of several visitor attractions.

Architectural design

The Student Awards Forum

The brief this year is a conceptual one that asks you to take the ideas and possibilities suggested by such an industrial future and to extrapolate them into the built environment. The design task is for a very tall skyscraper. A city centre, mixed-use building that will contain elements of commercial office and shopping spaces, a hotel, public spaces and leisure facilities and residential provision: In short; a vertical city.